Thank you for stopping by my wishlist page! Part of the fun (and frustration) of cel collecting is the hunt. I've had more luck finding cels for my friends than I have for myself, at least when it comes to true wish list cels! If you should have a cel on my list that you are willing to sell, or if you should see a cel available, please let me know.

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I plan to keep all my body parts (c'mon! I'm using my kidneys!) but if I am interested enough in a cel to add it to my Rubberslug wishlist, I am VERY interested!

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I have finally played this relationship simulation game made specifically for girls. Nine, count 'em, NINE lovely, lovely Guardians to tempt every girl's fantasies! Olivie, the beauty-loving, crossdressing Guardian of Dreams is voiced by Takehito Koyasu again, so of course I would love a cel or sketch of him, but Clavis, peaceful Guardian of Dark fascinates me too, as does Lumiale, the gentle Guardian of Water. I know cels and sketches from these games and OVAs are rare! It doesn't mean I don't dream about having one of them! :P High
Card Captor Sakura -
Clow Reed
Clow Reed it would be lovely to find a cel of him from when he tells Yue and Kerberos that he's about to die.

I'd also like a cel of when he's speaking with Sakura in the stars. He's just neat!

Very High
CCS - Group cels
I really, really want a cel of the scene toward the end of the 2nd movie when Yukito and Kero-chan wake up next to each other. (The last time we saw them, they were in their full aspects facing the Nothingness Card.) I love how Kero-chan jumps and starts acting like a toy while Yukito-san simply smiles and watches him! C'mon, Kero, think! If Yukito knows who he is, then he's gotta know you are more than a toy! High
When Sakura captures the Change Card, she inadvertently switches Li-kun and Kero-chan's souls. This is one of my favorite episodes as Li and Kero have to be the other person for the day. A cel from the scene where Kero (in Li's body) is kneeling to embrace Li (in Kero's body) so that Sakura can Change them back is definitely on my Dream List! High
CCS - Moonwings - Yue
Yue's cotton-tailed butt! Yup, I want a cel of Yue from the backside with the cotton-tail from his Wonderland costume attached firmly to his rear! Very High
Yue smiling.
I can only think of one instance where Yue actually smiles. It is from the episode where Sakura goes back in time to ask Clow Reed a question. Yue smiles when Clow approaches him in the garden.
Very High
Fruits Basket
I know there aren't any cels for this CG series, but there are sketches and concept sketches. The character I would like? Oh... Ayame Sohma, of course! ^_^ All that long silver hair...and weirdly lovely golden eyes! Okay, okay... Shigure Sohma has earnestly made his way onto my wishlist too! And Kazuma Sohma...isn't that the name of Kyo's martial arts teacher and surrogate father? Very High
Fushigi Yugi
Suzaku! I have never seen a cel of Suzaku available for sale or auction, ever! But, that doesn't mean I don't want one! Of course, Suzaku in his human form interests me the most, but I would also like a cel of the phoenix with his pretty blue eyes and firey wings! High

Hotohori! I prefer the tv version to the OVA version, but I'm not that picky if it's the right cel! There are several images of Konan's Emperor that interest me. I am looking for a full face shot of him with his hair down and that utterly caring, mild Hori-sama expression on his face. Hotohori playacting as a woman, Hotohori in his full Emperor get up, Hotohori hugging (preferably Boushin, but Miaka will do!) someone or Hotohori with an intent expression on the attack with his sword. I'd say pretty much any pretty cel of Hotohori would interest me!

Junni Kokki (12 Kingdoms)
Keiki (Can you guess who his seiyuu is? Koyasu. You have to admit I'm persistent!) is the Taiho of the Kingdom of Kei. I'd love a sketch of him, in his long silver-haired, annoyed blue eyes form (with talking shoes! I still find that highly amusing!). I'd be elated to find a sketch of him in his true form as well. Low
Mon Colle Knights -
I've discovered my favorite episode of MCK. The name of the episode (in the Fox Kids version of the show) is "Touched by a Mondo, pt 2" This episode had no less that 6 angels (4 good, 2 evil, counting Gabriolis once for each side!) I was in heaven (well...anime heaven since I love wings sooo much!) There are so many lovely cels of Gabriolis that just about any of him from this episode will likely appeal to me.

Gabriolis as a good angel is now officially on my wishlist.

I would love one of the two pan cels of Gabriolis flat on the ground with his broken white wings. Morbid, ne?

I'm still looking for a cel of his best friend, the one who sacrificed his life to save Gabriolis, the good angel known as Lark.

Oddly enough, I would like a cel of Redda, the evil angel who fueled Gabriolis' pain, hurt and confusion to the point where Gabby shed his white wings (waaah!) and willingly became an angel of the dark. Perhaps, not so odd after all, as this weekend I discovered who his seiyuu is in the Japanese version. I bet if you've been paying attention to my wishlist, you already know who it is. ^_~'

Very High
Yue and Yukito!
I know it is on the wishlist of every anime fan who likes either character, just as I also know it is safely tucked away in someone's most cherished gallery or in a shrewd cel dealer's stock against unforseen financial disaster, but I simply must mention it! The third season OPENING cels of Yue and Yukito!!! If you've watched the original Card Captor Sakura at all and liked it, of course you have seen this cel!!! (I'm thinking it's two pan cels, one for Yue and one for Yukito and one or more special effects layers.) Words would not begin to describe my shock, astonishment, utter amazement and unbelievable happiness were I ever to see (not view a scan but actually with my own two eyes, see!) these cels, much less be in the same room with them...and the prospect that someone could actually own them and in the perfect 'Kitt world' that person could be me...well...I believe my chance of opening my closet door and stumbling into an anime world (any one else ever read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? C. S. Lewis book, the first book of the Chronicles of Narnia, which is very much worth a read!) might actually be marginally higher! But, fellow cel collectors, I think you probably understand why I had to mention it here! ^_^
Very High
One of my favorite seiyuu does the voice for Kain. NOT Takehito Koyasu this time, it's Hideyuki Tanaka; he does the voices for Citan (from Xenogears) and Fujitaka, Sakura's dad, (from Card Captor Sakura) as well. While I'm not avid for the character, hearing the super-caring 'Citan' and 'Fujitaka' being so gosh darn evil is a treat! So...I should put Kain on my list, though in all honesty, I am quite pleased with the Shido cels and sketches I have! Low
Petshop of Horrors
Nifty anime title. Petshop has it's fair share of gore and violence, but the true 'horror' is in the dark recesses of the human heart. Both the manga and the anime are lovely, the beauty a counterpoint to the darkness of the series. Count D is the epitome of that darksome loveliness. I can't get specific about exactly what scene or cel I'm looking for, I'll just know it when I see it.

Thank you so much, April! *hug!*

Very High
Shaman King
I'm thinking that Shaman King is cg. If I'm right, I'd love to find a sketch of Amidamaru, Yoh's Guardian Ghost. I'd most like one of him in his 'true' ghostly form, but a sketch of him as the mad-eyed little p-oed ball o' fire would be nifty too. Medium
Vampire Hunter D
I'm dreaming, I know I am. Of course, I'm dreaming with most of my wishlist anyway, so what's the difference?

I'd like a cel of D smiling. He does, you know, twice, at the very end of each movie.

I like his shy, hidden smile, the one that's so sad, at the end of the first movie best, but the cute almost-smile he graces Leila's granddaughter with is nice too.

Very High
Weiss Kreuz
Surprise, surprise! Here's another Takehito Koyasu character I would like a nice cel of! (Hotohori's seiyuu is Koyasu.) Yeah, Aya from Weiss Kreuz. It would be nice to find a cel from the OVA with his lovely eyes (even though they usually have a mad look like Yue-san does!) or an action cel with his sword visible.
Very High
Xenogears (PSX Game)
Phenomenal game, with a story easily worthy of anime, innovative game play and anime movie sequences to explain and advance the story.
I am looking for any cel from Xenogears, but especially any cel of Citan my absolute favorite bishounen of any game or anime series!!!
Very High
Yu-Gi-Oh - Dark Magician
A sketch of Dark Magician and a sketch of Yami in the Dark Magician Duel Monster Armor from the Capsule Monsters anime. Very High
Magician of Black Chaos. My not-so-secretly adored bondage-boy. Buckles, many, many, wonderful buckles -- *goes into starry-eyed buckle-coma* Very High
Yu-Gi-Oh - Duel Monsters

Mahaad (or Mahaado, Mahado) the Ancient Egyptian Arc priest/magician who became the Dark Magician. I would be most interested in just about any image of any sort of production art, settei, genga, douga -- anything -- with this character! ^_^
A sketch of the Dark Magician from the ancient Egypt arc, when he was still Mahaad, would command my deep interest too.

Very High

And the obsession with the Black Magician continues! I'd really love to find a sketch of him after Joey used the "Title of Knight" card on him to make him the Black Magician's Knight!

Very High

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