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Eriol shows up in the third season of Card Captor Sakura, as a transfer student in Sakura's class. Like Yukito he is kind and helpful, and seems to be skilled at everything he does.

However...strange things are happening and this transfer student from England seems to have more insight and knowledge than perhaps he ought!

Touya and Eriol have a special connection unlike any other in the story. I've explored that a bit here (sorry, it's not yaoi, so don't get your hopes up!)

The Kaho Connection

Eriol's contemporary song is for Sakura, for he can see how the plan set in place so long ago is changing for the better in the present day, despite the hardships she's suffering...

Hold On by Kansas

Look in the mirror and tell me
Just what you see
What have the years of your life
Taught you to be
Innocence dyin' in so many ways
Things that you dream of are lost
Lost in the haze

Hold on, Baby Hold on
'Cause it's closer than you think
And you're standing on the brink
Hold on, Baby Hold on
'Cause there's something on the way
Your tomorrow's not the same as today

Don't you recall what you felt
When you weren't alone
Someone who stood by your side
A face you have known
Where do you run when it's too much to bear
Who do you turn to in need
When nobody's there


Outside your door He is waiting
Waiting for you
Sooner or later you know
He's got to get through
No hesitation and no holding back
Let it all go and you'll know
You're on the right track
(Chorus to end)

 Eriol - Nice or...

 Eriol - mean!

 Eriol looking up

 Lurking on the Roof

 Kindly Eriol

 Scheming Eriol

 Eriol in Magic Robes

 Eriol in Clow's Chair

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