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I haven't seen all of Gluhen yet. I've got mixed feelings on the mandatory character design changes, though I do like Gluhen Aya. *Glasses!*

I'm a few levels down on the sketch acquisition food chain, so please don't expect any sketches to make you *Gasp!* here. In fact, so many of my sketches are partials, that I almost labelled this gallery 'Franken-Gluhen'! Maybe if I'm persistent enough, I can piece together a full bishounen! ^_~

I've got about 12 more partial sketches to scan and add eventually. And no, not all of them are of Aya!


 Yohji and Long Division

 All of Weiss and...

 Happily Homicidal Omi


 Aya and a mad-eyed doodle

 Franken Aya 1

 Franken Aya 2

 Franken Aya 3

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