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I liked Mon Colle Knights, a dubbed offering from FoxKids. I'd love to find a subtitled version of the whole series, since it appears the dubbed version is missing entire episodes. I'm torn on the voice actors, though. Miki Shinichiro did a lovely job of providing Garbiolis' voice, from the few episodes I've seen in Japanese. But -- Daran Norris is amazing as Gabriolis! Unfortunately, it seems that whoever owns the rights to the dubbed version has no interest in releasing it -- ever. *sniffle* A few random cels of some of the characters crept into my gallery as I was collecting cels of Gabriolis.

 Dark Winged Professor




 Float-ring of Love!(star)

 Lovestar Snoopy Dancin'

 Utopian Eagle


 Ms. Loon


 Prince Eccentro

 Hench-wench Batch

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