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Weiss Kreuz. I watched this a bit backwards, seeing the OVA first. I liked the Takatori story the best, finding the 'rescue Aya's sister, stop the evil old people' story rather weak. No matter, I suppose, when you have such wonderful characters to distract you! And the seiyuu! *Swoon!*

It's not hard to tell who my favorite Weiss guy is from the fanfics I've written:

Cattails and Roses
Collateral Innocence

But there is one that has all the Weiss boys in it:

Broken Cross

 *Aya Eyecatch*

 Omi Eyecatch

 Ken Eyecatch

 Yohji Eyecatch

 Pretty in Pink!

 Aya - OP

 Aya - Mission 2

 Aya Profile - Mission 19

 Aya - Justice

 Black and White


 Omi with Roses - Mission 7

 *In the flower shop* - Mission 5

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