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*Major, major HUGZ to TEX-CHAN for the uber-cool idea to post a cel retrospective like this*

*bows to Tex's awesome ingenuity*

Ah, memories! In real life, my job of 18 years disappeared in an eyeblink. My employer sold his company to a place I will forever call 'EvilCorp'. After working there for ninety days, something of a probation period to make certain I gave them every benefit of the doubt, I was certain I could not work for such an unethical outfit. Unfortunately, it took four months for me to find a job (at fewer hours and a lower rate of pay) suitable enough to leave.

Between that, and the overall slowing cycle that seems inevitable with this hobby, my gallery did not experience that much growth, this year.

Still, I am very pleased with my new additions, and, still get a thrill looking at my more settled-in cels.

Gathered here in one place (until I create the time to sort them into the galleries they belong) here are my new cel acquisitions for 2008.

 Cute Mecha

 Yue Shocked!

 Yue Comforts Sakura *Spoiler*

 Legend of Galactic Heroes



 Leila Shocked

 D Appears

 D in the Cat's Cradle

 Sunsick D

 Yami Shocked

 Yami Rough

 Yami Dueling

 Yami Rough

 Yami Dueling





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