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Shield and Flower Cards
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A16
Standard size

No Background

Added 5/25/2004
Updated 5/26/2004
Shield and Flower are among my favorite of the Clow Cards. When the Cards were scattered, Shield decided to protect the treasure box where Tomoyo and her mother kept their most precious things.

Later, when Sakura had to transform the Shield Card into a Sakura Card, at the unsubtle prodding of a certain someone, she invoked Shield's power to protect Kerberos and Yue from outside (hostile) magic enabling them to assume their 'false' forms again.

Flower is similarly gentle, though a bit exuberant when she helps celebrate Field Day at Sakura's school.

But it is when Sakura goes back in time to meet Clow that I decided Flower was one of my favorite Cards. Clow uses Flower to magically bring the cherry tree in his garden to full bloom, seemingly only for the delight of his two guardians.

A useless Card? Making people (especially Yue!) smile is a pretty potent power!

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Curator: Kitt
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