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House Guardian
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Added 5/12/2004
Updated 2/4/2013
Okay, so my sister left a book about feng shui just lying around in my house. I read it and realized to my horror that my living room was a pool of Yin energy, creating insomnia and headaches! What to do?! I thumbed through the book and read some of the ways to encourage the flow of balancing Yang energy in the room. One of the recommendations was to paint one wall red. Uhm...? But that will so clash with the blue/green color theme!

Unless...I were to paint a wall red in a shape! Maybe that would work! But what to paint, what to paint...

I'll never have a cel of Suzaku. But now, I do have a dramatic graphic of him on my living room wall! It took about a week, off and on after work, to adapt the image from the Fushigi Yugi boxset in pencil on my wall, and one Saturday afternoon to actually paint it (acryllic paint).

Has it cured the Yin/Yang imbalance? I dunno, I really just wanted to paint something on my wall! However, my house is known as the 'Phoenix House' to the local chinese restaurants that deliver!

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