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Gabriolis Tempted
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Added 8/30/2009
Updated 11/6/2013
I was shocked when I managed to find, and win, an auction for Gabriolis (Mon Colle Knights) as a good angel, before the events that turned him into the Dark Winged Angel we know and love.

He was pretty weak as a good angel, and lost a battle in the grand fight between the good angels and the bad ones. While he was prostrate on the ground, his wings damaged beyond all repair, broken, bloody, dispirited -- and, he thought abandoned by his friend and commander, Lark -- he was approached by Redda, a well-known evil angel. With honeyed words (and in the Japanese version, Koyasu's voice) Redda convinced Gabriolis that he had been abandoned, and that he would die alone on the desolate piece of rock he'd fallen to -- unless he cast aside his white wings and embraced the evil within himself.

This is the moment when Gabriolis starts to accept Redda's words as truth, and starts down the dark path that turned him into the Dark Winged Angel.

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