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Dark Magician and Kaiba
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Added 8/30/2009
Updated 11/6/2013
Ah -- this scene is THE SCENE where I fell completely head over heels with Dark Magician. Yami had been interesting, and I do appreciate Yugi -- and I have to admit that Seto did have a shot at being top dog in my fan-girl heart (except he was so EVIL to Yugi in the aftermath of this duel) but this scene, where Dark Magician emerges from the Magic Box and chided Seto with a wagging finger (making Seto gape at him as that's not a sequence he programmed, for any monster, in his duel disk program) delighted me and made me realize that there was far, far more than meets the eyes with Yugi's favorite duel monster. It took most of the series to discover that I was right, but all along DM delighted me with various subdued antics along the way.

So rarely do pieces of official art showing Dark Magician pop up that the only way I'm going to ever see it is to make a fancel. So, here are the basic lines.

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