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Citan Uzuki
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Added 8/30/2009
Updated 11/6/2013
The anime/game guy who is simply perfection to me. Xenogears is, in part, a big reason why I returned to anime as an adult (I hadn't realized the Kimba the White Lion and Speed Racer shows I'd liked as a child were anime).

There are some amazing cut-scenes in the RPG Xenogears that help to advance the action of the over-all story. Citan is my hands-down favorite character from Xenogears, and one of my all-time favorite game or anime guys -- ever. Yeah, even beating out Yue.

Unfortunately, the cels from those cut-scenes are insanely rare, and I've only ever seen Bart bubble up to the surface.

Still, the chance to paint that lovely flowing brown hair, and those caring, warm, expressive eyes -- knowing full well that Citan, as always, is more than what he seems, and that behind that caring lurks the Guardian Angel of Solaris, whose mission is to further the plans of Emperor Cain with regards to -the Contact- but also that behind that lurks... ^_~

Interesting note: the seiyuu who provided the voice for Citan in the Japanese version of the game -- both the called name of Citan's attacks, and his dialog for the cut-scenes is none other that Hideyuki Tanaka -- whom many of us also recognize as Fujitaka Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura, and Cain from Nightwalker!

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