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Cute Mecha
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Added 12/13/2008
Updated 12/13/2008
Transformers was my first collecting love. Needing a birthday gift for my younger brother, I had wandered down the aisle in the toy store with the idea of looking at Matchbox cars (though he had a ton of them) or one of the G.I. Joe figures since he kinda-sorta watched that show.

My eye was drawn -- nay, seized and captured by an arrestingly red, quite detailed Lamborghini Countach. I reached out, and picked it up.

The price was right for a gift for my little brother, it was cool, and, it had the added benefit of being a bit too big to miss seeing on the floor (as I was tired of stepping on discarded Matchbox cars with bare feet) so, I was pretty much sold on it. I turned it over, for whatever reason, and noticed the graph on the back of the box. And, the Tech Specs.

Little known Kitt Fact: Back in the day, I was a pretty fierce face-to-face RPG and strat game player. I worked in a place called Dream Wizards, so I had at least passing knowledge of them all and played AD&D for several years. I've still got sourcebooks around here somewhere, AD&D, 2nd edition AD&D (I stopped after that, thinking that Mr. Gygax had enough of my money thank-you-very-much!) Paranoia, Attack of the Humans, TORG, Call of Chthulu, Pendragon, Champions, and others. Oh, and I had several versions of the twisty puzzles made so popular by Rubic's Cubes.

The Transformers Tech Specs spoke very deeply to that naive and geeky gamer girl, and I spent some time looking at the specs for all of them. I walked out that day with Sideswipe (the red Countach) for my little brother, and Hound (the army-green Jeep) for myself. I mastered how to transform Hound between his Jeep and robot modes. I studied the inserts and decided that I really wanted Optimus Prime (I was taking Latin at the time). Of course, so did every child on the planet who didn't want a Cabbage Patch Kid, and any geeky adult who thought Transformers were awesome on a cracker.

Nine months later, and a pretty fierce search across four states by a wonderful friend of mine (who was a courier at the time) I finally got Optimus. By then, I had the other 17 Autobots, and a handful of the Decepticons. I had fallen completely in love with the show -- mainly because of the voices. I've still got a few more than two hundred of the toys around here -- nine versions of Optimus (*^_^*). (I finally stopped with the Beast Wars Optimus Prime. I'm sorry -- Optimus is not a monkey!)

Skip ahead, to when I was bitten by the cel collecting bug. Imagine my dismay to learn the fate of most of the Transformers cels, and the fierce competition for the few that remain -- especially those of Optimus. I'd adore one of him. I know I will never have one of him (which is why I've never put it on my wishlist).

And finally, for those who haven't fallen asleep at this point, the reason for this introspective post for this cel.

I've no idea what show this comes from. I stumbled across it wandering around Y!J. Tex-chan agreed to bid on it for me *hugs Tex* and I won.

I love how 'human' his eyes and expression are. I've seen cels of mecha (heck, I've got a few here and there in my gallery) before, but they didn't evoke an emotional response from me as this little guy does. He sort of reminds me of Hound, and a bit of Brawn (the shape of his helmet, I think) and he's just adorable. The graphs and bars and chibi-ness don't hurt the appeal at all. And there you have it. ^_^

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