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Added 9/3/2008
Updated 12/13/2008
I love Vampire Hunter D. Both movies, the novels, the art, the concept, everything. I write more fanfic for VHD than any other fandom (even Yu-Gi-Oh! Yes, believe it or not!)

Of course, D is my favorite character, and given the high quality (and therefore generally high price) for the cels, I never really thought to collect the other characters.

Well, I stumbled upon a nice batch of cels in one auction. No one had bid on it, there were quite a few nice D cels, so I thought to try.

Even though there was some competition toward the end, my bid prevailed and I won the lot.

This cel of Charlotte is so pretty! I love the detail on her outfit (the pearls and sleeve) and how gracefully her hand is drawn. I love her demure expression, and the beautiful play of light upon her face.

It would take another stroke of amazing luck to land another Charlotte cel in my gallery, so I'm happy this one is so pretty.

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