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Yue Comforts Sakura *Spoiler*
Source: TV
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Added 7/1/2008
Updated 12/13/2008
Another cel that shows raw emotion on Yue's face. I love how tragic and tender his expression is. Sakura is wrestling with the most important decision of her life -- she can no longer be protected by her Guardians. She has to step up, make a choice, and give her utmost effort to bring about the change she needs to make happen. Her Guardians will support her, in a way they haven't done before, but passively, giving her their power to add to her own by entering her wand to give it their powers, to overwhelm the last master spell left behind by Clow Reed. In so doing, Sakura not only breaks that last master spells, but proves she is more powerful than Clow, and assumes primacy over his creations.

Sakura hesitates. One by one those nearest and dearest to her have been taken -- forced into an unnatural sleep brought about by Eriol's never-ending night. Kerberos and Yue offer to help. Eriol explains that this is an all or nothing moment -- if Sakura does not break his spell, not only will Touya, Tomoyo, all of Sakura's friends -- indeed all of the human race sleep forever, but Kero and Yue, trapped within her wand, will sleep forever, too.

I've had the cel showing Sakura's anguish for a while. I was so pleased when I found this one, and was lucky enough to add it to my gallery. Eventually, I think I will make a section just for these two cels, so they can match each other in the symmetry of the moment.

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