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Yue Shooting Moon Arrow
Source: TV
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Cel Number: A1-end-
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Added 5/23/2007
Updated 9/25/2007
The Final Judgement is one of my favorite episodes from Card Captor Sakura. Deep mysteries, arcane magic and some of the inner workings of the mind of one Clow Reed are revealed in this critical juncture in the series.

Yue stands as the greatest threat Sakura has ever faced for he wishes to take her most cherished possession away -- her feelings of loving one person most in all the world. After besting her fair and square with his superior control of magic, then, with a terrible sort of gentleness telling Sakura what she's lost, it's easy to lose sight of what Sakura's loss would mean to Yue himself.

The disaster of Sakura's loss meant that everyone associated with the Clow Cards would lose their feelings of loving someone else best in all the world; in the bleak world Sakura experiences after Yue's pronouncement we see how Fujitaka no longer cares for his deceased wife, Sakura doesn't remember Yukito, Tomoyo and Li are merely classmates, Terada-sensei is merely a teacher to Rika... All ties of love are broken for those who have been touched by the power of the Clow Cards.

Doesn't it make sense that this master spell would catch Yue up in it, too? Perhaps he would sleep again in his symbol form on the back of Clow's book, forgetting that he ever loved the magician Clow Reed, as the last emanations of Clow's magic slowly faded from his cards, rendering the need for a Sun Guardian and a Moon Guardian useless finally leaving a dusty tome with beautiful but powerless cards contained in a book as a mystery for some librarian or historian to ponder someday.

Yue had Sakura clearly in his sights when he set up this arrow shot. He held his shot while she pondered her move, declaring her action 'useless' as the Wood Card, under his aspect of the moon, would not be able to best him when Sakura sends the card to capture him. He moved his shot though, shooting next to the brave, little girl vying so haplessly against him, opting instead of shooting her directly to rebound her magic at her and capture her within the very vines she tried to snare him with.

This cel is the A1end cel of that scene. They pan from the unscanned part of the cel on the right to stop the camera centered on him, as he holds his arrow, while Sakura decides what she's going to do.

I like to think that by not attacking him directly, out of her love for Yukito, instead trying to capture him without harm, Sakura started the process of melting Yue's proud heart. Perhaps she started to show this heart-broken Moon Guardian that it does not dishonor Clow Reed for him to find protective feelings in his own heart for someone else, even the young girl trying her best to beat him, and that life can, and does, go on after losing someone you love very much -- best in all the world.

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