Howl's Moving Castle

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Howl's Moving Castle
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Added 4/8/2006
Updated 4/9/2006
It appears as though they took the master film for Howl's Moving Castle and cut it apart, frame by frame, once filming was finished. Thus far, except for one very rough sketch of Markl, such "cells" are the only production art I've found.

There are nifty film cubes (which I've yet to see in person) that have a frame of Howl's Moving Castle in a lucite block. Searching for those, I stumbled across this.

It is the neatest thing! Overall it's about 8 x 10. The top and bottom images (the ones with writing) are printed on paper and mounted within the frame normally. However, the other six items are placed in such a way that light can come through the back, for they are "cell" frames from the movie. Since they aren't in any sort of order, I'm going from left to right, top to bottom.

"Please don't torment my friend."
The first one is Howl reviving Calcifer after Sophie unwittingly put the poor fire demon out. (Awwww! One of my favorite scenes!)

"Very good!"
The second one is Howl and Sophie from the back, during the magical air walk sequence that sets the whole tone for this sweet movie.

"I've found something I want to protect. It's you, Sophie."
The third, (one of my favorites) is Howl in his fully-feathered incarnation, (I'd say at the height of his magical ability) telling Sophie that he will go outside and protect the house from enemy bombing runs as Calcifer is too weak to stop bombs right now.

"I'm sorry. I had too many enemies tonight."
The fourth is from just moments before, when Howl protected Sophie from both bombs and Blob Men outside and is now whisking her into the safety of the house (though I think she's probably safe enough in the circle of his wings!)

"That's my good girl!"
The fifth is when Howl lifts Sophie gently down onto the veranda of the bakery after their first meeting and the air walk, and then leaves to draw off the pursuing Blob Men.

The final one is just a scene-setting shot, but it shows all the care and attention to detail that is Mr. Miyazaki's trademark.

I'm so happy to have found such a nifty piece of art work from the movie that has completely taken over my heart! (Thanks alot for introducing me to Howl, Tex-chan! No, really! ^_~)

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