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Starfield Clow
Source: TV
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Cel Number: A6end
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End Cel
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Added 3/25/2006
Updated 3/29/2006
Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a gallery not quite so far away (Stargarde) this cel was on my wishlist. I called it 'Starfield Clow' since it showed Clow Reed in his mystical appearance at the end of the Final Judgement.

Mystical? *nod* Clow Reed has already moved on, whether by dying or some other means. Even though remnants of his magic still power his Cards, they had been released so that Kerberos would Appoint a new card captor, and Yue would test, and judge, the worthiness of that person to gain true mastery over Clow's Cards.

It was this very scene that I wanted. After Sakura bested Yue in the Final Judgement (using the 'second chance' Mizuki-sensei provided with the Moon Bell that Clow made for just this purpose) Yue acknowledged her as the new Mistress of the Clow Cards. As if that formal declaration were a spell in and of itself, Sakura was taken on a brief, but important journey.

Perhaps it is a soft footfall that alerts her to his presence. Sakura opens her eyes to find herself standing on a path of starlight, meeting her predecessor for the first time. The man in magical robes smiles gently at her while congratulating her on bringing about the 'happy ending' he hoped she would.

"Are you -- Clow-san?"

Still wearing a gentle, enigmatic smile, Clow nods.

My 'Starfield Clow' cel, the one I never dared to put on my wishlist here, is the end cel of that sequence.

Welcome home, Clow-san! Thank you so much for deeming my humble gallery worthy!

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