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Aya Profile - Mission 19
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A6
Standard size

No Background

Added 12/2/2005
Updated 12/4/2005
Finally! A lovely cel of Aya! I'm not that bothered by the significant line fading, as it makes the cel actually more attractive (in an odd way).

Mission 19 - Sehen - Prelude to Insanity

This cel was used, I believe, three times in Mission 19; first, when the boys are starting to listen to the music that is making people go nuts, second, when Ken and Yohji start to react and finally when the boys are receiving the mission to do something about it.

Also, this cel was used at the end of the fourth dvd when they are scrolling the english voice cast credits. That's a lot of screen time! No wonder the sketch is MIA!

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