Since I keep using Forever Dreaming as my website for non-cel things, I guess I should explain what this site is all about.

The links to the right lead to scans of animation cels and art that I've collected. These are the actual bits of plastic and paint that were used to make the master film of anime shows I like, or other pieces of production or pre-production art that went into the shows.

If you've wound up here from my LJ, profile, MySpace, ROSEOnline, or somewhere else, I hope you take a moment to glance at the cels I have for the shows you like. ^_^

Change is in the air. Things with Wings has taken on a new name and a new focus --- Forever Dreaming.

For anyone who wound up here from my LJ, who might be looking for fan fiction, click here:
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If you like MMO Gaming, I suggest checking out ROSEOnline. It's a fun game, with gorgeous graphics. I am a member of the forums both on the official game site, and on a new forum dedicated to ROSEOnline, Rosefans, that has friendly and helpful members, good game guides and a growing community.

I hope you enjoy browsing my cels here. Please be advised that may be *spoilers* in both the images and descriptions.

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A fan cel of Sakura from Card Captor Sakura inspired by the third season opening. (This little thumbnail leads to my small Deviant Art account.)

Design Update May 2009 --

I found an awesome wallpaper featuring Yue over the weekend, and decided to update my gallery layout and images (finally!) In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, the wallpaper that serves as the background image is the creation of this talented individual: Eternally-Asuka

News & Updates

5/11/2009It's been a while since my gallery has been 'open'. There's still work to be done (isn't there always?) but at least the dust has been swept under the carpet enough for guests, so to speak. I hope people enjoy the first new layout for my gallery in a very, very long time, as well as the handful of new cels and sketches in the 'New Cels' section.
12/7/2005Welladay! For me, there's been a good amount of cel activity lately. Recent updates in CCS Kero, CCS Mooncastle (Yukito), CCS Sakura, CCS Sweet Romance, FY Hotohori (and Suzaku), Dreams of Angst - Weiss Kreuz (a wishlist cel!) and, not to be overlooked, a new CCS Special Yue cel. *shimmer smile*
1/22/2005Forever Dreaming now open.
3/13/2004I've added links to my stories on in those sections where appropriate. Enjoy! ^_^

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Title Last Updated
Assembled Bishies (3) 9/2/2007
Autographs (8) 4/18/2015
Bakuretsu Hunters (4) 2/2/2006
Bishies I haven't met yet (9) 1/11/2006
Card Captor Sakura -
Clow Reed
CCS - Eriol (8) 1/11/2006
CCS - Final Judgement (14) 5/23/2007
CCS - Fujitaka (12) 11/10/2004
CCS - Group cels (6) 3/7/2004
CCS - Kero (8) 1/11/2006
CCS - Li Syaoran (9) 11/2/2003
CCS - Magic Tools (13) 11/2/2005
CCS - Moon Castle - Yukito (31) 11/25/2005
CCS - Moonwings - Yue (35) 11/16/2006
CCS - Sakura (and Tomoyo) (14) 11/25/2005
CCS - Special Yue cels (10) 3/3/2006
CCS - Sweet Romance (11) 11/25/2005
CCS - Touya (24) 5/23/2007
CCS - Yue group cels (9) 5/23/2007
Crystal's Art (2) 5/12/2006
D-N-Angel (2) 11/5/2005
Fan Cel Linework (18) 8/30/2009
Fantasms - Fan Cels (11) 1/26/2006
Fruits Basket (1) 10/8/2003
Fushigi Yugi (4) 10/22/2003
FY - Hotohori (and Suzaku) (8) 11/25/2005
Howl's Moving Castle (1) 4/8/2006
Magic Knight Rayearth (2) 10/9/2003
Mahou Tsukai Tai (3) 8/5/2004
Master of Mosquiton (24) 5/26/2004
Mon Colle Knights -
Mon Colle Knights -
Mon Colle Knights - People (12) 3/3/2006
Nightwalker (12) 6/15/2005
Non-cel Anime Fan Art (1) 5/12/2004
Petshop of Horrors (3) 7/7/2005
Psychic Force (7) 11/19/2003
Saiyuki (8) 7/10/2006
Tactics (1) 9/19/2006
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1) 10/22/2003
Tenshi Ni Narumon (3) 11/10/2004
The Year That Was (19) 12/13/2008
Things with Wings! (4) 2/2/2006
Unico (2) 1/26/2006
Vampire Hunter D (9) 1/12/2006
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (15) 10/27/2006
VHD Settei -
The Photo Shoot
Weiss Kreuz (13) 7/10/2006
WK Gluhen - Sketches (9) 10/22/2003
Yu-Gi-Oh (2) 9/9/2007
Yu-Gi-Oh - Dark Magician (22) 9/9/2007
Yu-Gi-Oh - Duel Monsters (15) 10/21/2009
Yu-Gi-Oh - Seto and Blue-Eyes (5) 11/10/2006

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