Two things have beguiled me since my earliest memories - the Moon and wings. My favorite dreams are ones of flying and isn't the Moon the bearer of dreams? It's no wonder that Yue has found such an ardent fan in me!

Some information for the curious:

To my best knowledge, all of my cels are production cels, except the ones in the fan cel section. I bought the cels from reputable sources, and they bear the marks of production cels (registration holes and sequence numbers and many have the matching sketches).

My cel images are cropped. My scanner bed is just a little too small to scan even a standard cel in one pass. Also, my preference is to focus on the painted image, not the blank areas. Since I don't plan to sell my cels, I hope this doesn't distress anyone.

The lovely guy to the right is Mahaad, from Yu-Gi-Oh! Another of my pronounced cel collecting weaknesses is for grumpy guardians. Since Mahaad sacrificed his life to save the pharaoh, thus becoming the Dark Magician, he's one of my most sought-after grumpy guardian guys right now!

(Isn't he gorgeous?! I love his intense eyes!)

I am sorry, but my cels are not for sale. I spend a fair amount of time adjusting my cel images in Photoshop to most accurately reflect what I like about the image, since my scanner is...lacking. I humbly ask everyone to respect the time and effort I've put into my gallery by not taking the images without permission.

There are links in many sections to stories I've written and posted to fanfiction.net. If you like my cels, you might just like my stories too.

Yue hopes you enjoy browsing my gallery! *gloms* (I can't resist that adorable little smile!)

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